Install hPrint in Citrix Environment

1. Download and install (with default options) …


hPrint PDF print driver:

hPrint software:


2. Open Printer and Devices section in Windows

3. Right click HIE Networks hPrint and select Printer Properties, select the Advanced tab, select Print directly to the printer. Click Apply


4. Run the installer for the hPrint PDF print driver ONLY,  for a second time (download link below)


hPrint PDF print  driver:


5. Change printer name to HIE Networks hPrint_local, then click install. DO NOT CHANGE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR THIS INSTALL.


6. Try printing a document (any document) to verify both HIE Networks hPrint AND HIE Networks  hPrint_local show as available printers


7. [Not required] If possible, verify documents from EHR are captured when HIE  Networks hPrint is selected as the printer. Also, documents from any program outside of the EHR (example: PDF  or Word document) are captured when HIE Networks hPrint_local is selected as the printer.