What is auto-sort?

When set, faxes/messages identified as a certain document types (example: Labs, Pharmacy/RX Refills, Radiology, Referrals) auto-filter to a designated work queue. Currently, auto-sort can trigger off specific keywords and/or the fax numbers identified with certain facilities (i.e. if the fax number (555) 555-5555 is associated with CVS Pharmacy in our system, faxes from this number will be auto-sorted to the Pharmacy/RX queue.

Will auto-sort work for every document?

Our system, like others, struggles to identifying the the correct category for document sets that are not generic or templates. For messages/faxes our system is not able to auto-sort, someone must manually view/sort the document.

Example: What message is genuinely a referral versus a Progress Note from a specialist which happens to include documentation that a patient "needs a referral" ... or if a message contains both terms "referral" and "MRI", our system does not know whether to auto-sort to a radiology or referral queue. 

HIE Tip: Identify specific strings of text that are consistent across particular types of documents ... so if most of your referrals contain the text "Notification of Request for a Referral", auto-sort can trigger off a string of text.

How to enable auto-sort?

Please email your request to support@hienetworks.com or work with your workflow engineer.