Step 1: Open the My EHR Window in hPrint, check “New”, click “Start Download” button

  • IMPORTANT: Ensure your active queue is set to the location you wish to batch download documents from ... to verify or change your active queue, see below:
    • In hPrint, select Options – Settings

  • From the Active Work Queue drop-down, select the queue to utilize for batch download … click Save. (if active queue is not set)

Step 2:  Open the Cerner, search for a patient and open Note | Scan | Import section (used to scan documents)

Step 3: Select the Scan/Import icon

Step 4: In the Scan/Import window, click the Import button

Step 5: Browse to the batch download folder set in hPrint (typically C:\Bin)

Step 6: The selected document will appear in the preview window. Pages can then be rotated and deleted before actual import