Applies To: hPrint v3.0.3.0 and above

Good to know

When moving documents from HIE's web portal to an EHR, using batch download can simplify the process. With batch download, there is no need to work from both the website and hPrint.

Batch download process

1. Verify the work queue you are connected to. The connected work queue is displayed in the lower left corner and in the message window (***TEST ONLY*** is the connected work queue in the example below).

If New is checked If Pending Batch Download is checked If All is checked
Downloads the attachments for all messages in the status of New
Downloads the attachments for all messages in Pending Batch Download. Messages can be set to this status, in the website, by clicking blob1477690520599.png
Downloads the attachments for all messages, regardless of status

2. Select New, Pending Batch Download, or All. Entering a date range in the blank fields will download attachments, only from messages received during those dates. Click Start DownloadDocuments are sent to the EHR output folder.