Access and download DICOM images

DICOM images are available from select facilities across Florida. Follow the steps below to locate images and download file for import into your PACS. 

Step 1: Click Search option under Patients

Step 2: Enter patient’s information. Click  

Step 3: Click on first or last name, after verifying it’s the correct patient and facility

Step 4: Select Medical Records button

Step 5: Scroll to and click Radiology Results tab

Step 6: Find the test you’d like the image for and click on the name of the report

Step 7: Clicking the name will display the report below. Scrolling to the bottom of the report and click View DICOM

HIE TIP: If this is the first time this image has been pulled, you’ll see this screen. Please allow 3-7mins before clicking the View DICOM image button again. Multiple patient’s and images can be pulled while waiting for an image to be retrieved. Once an image is pulled by someone, it’s stored for immediate access for 30-60 days.

Step 8: Image is available to view. To download to a PACS system, click Go to Study Page

Step 9: Find the Download section and select the appropriate file type you’d like