Good to Know:

- messages can be sent to member and non member facilities

- organization list is maintained and updated by HIE Networks

- all messages are tracked in the HIE web portal


1) Open the hPrint application

2) Ensure New Office Message is selected

3) Capture documents you'd like to send in hPrint. Select the organization where you'd like to send the message.

HIE Tip: Member facilities will not have a fax # next to their name. Messages to these facilities will be sent electronically. Facilities with #'s next to their names are not part of the HIE system and messages will be sent as a fax.

4) Enter the patient's name and DOB. Text entered in the message field will appear on the fax cover page (or first page of an electronic message).

HIE Tip: Patient names aren't required but help both the sending and receiving side locate a message faster. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE including a patient's name and DOB for each message

HIE Tip: Since these are free text boxes, you aren't limited to just entering a patient's name. Some other examples of what could be enter in the First/Last name boxes are "Multi Patient", "Tuesday's Schedule", "Records Request". When using a naming convention like this, use today's date or something that makes sense.

5) Hit send and ensure all documents in hPrint are cleared out.