Define "Email Notifications": This type of notification alerts staff when something happens to a message, in the HIE portal, by email.

Specifically, email notifications are sent when a message is first received (new), updated (change of message status), or something further is needed (notify sending/receiving). This is very helpful when staff first starts using our service. People typically are not accustomed to checking the HIE web portal for new faxes or messages. We usually encourage new users to set up some version of notification's the first couple weeks of using our system.

Setting up Notifications

Navigate to the My Profile section of the website. (Can't find it, look in the grey left hand menu) Once on this page, you'll see the page displayed below. The grey box (Notification Settings: pictured below) is where you'll decide what notifications to receive. Ensure Send Email Notifications: is checked. See box below for details on each selection:

Notification Setting: You'll be notified if: Who will be Notified? 
Private Message A new private message was sent to your account User Specific
Receive for All Work Queues A new message/referral was sent to any work queue you are associated with
Users associated to any work queue
Work Queue - Assigned to Me A message has been assigned to you User Specific
Work Queue - Assigned to Me Updated A message has been assigned to you has changed to a new status User Specific 
Work Queue - New new referral/message was sent to your work queue Users associated to that queue

HIE Tip: Similar to new email notifications on your phone, these are helpful to ensure you're checking new messages in the beginning. Also like email notifications on your phone, these can become very annoying after a couple weeks. We understand. You have complete control to turn these messages on/off under my My Profile.