Define "Forms": Form is a loose term that describes anything from a referral form to a order. Basically, any piece of paper you fill out by hand and send to another facility.

Most facilities have a EHR, but still fill some forms out by hand. To get the most from HIE's tools, we encourage you to turn all paper forms into digital PDF's. These forms can then be filled out in a browser or locally with a PDF viewer (such as Adobe Reader). Unlike paper, digital forms are available anywhere you have access to internet.

Accessing Forms

When using hPrint, "Click Here for Forms" will open the forms page.


When using a browser, head to Forms are listed by organization name and name of the document. Depending on your browser, clicking on the document link will either open the document in a new tab or will initiate a download.

HIE Tip: A quick way to find a document is by using a keyboard shortcut.  will allow you to type a term ("radiology associates") and easy find all organizations/forms with that work in the name