Received Queue Sent Queue


Messages in a New status have not been opened by anyone associated with the work queue. This would be similar to a stack of paper on the fax machine tray. Someone needs to view, sort, and act on documents/messages in this status. Messages in a New status have not been opened by the receiving organization. You'll want to monitor messages with this status to ensure they get opened and eventually scheduled or closed.


Messages in this status have been Opened, but still need something further actions.   Messages in a Opened status let you know the receiving office has viewed the documents you sent.


Put a message in Pending if you are waiting on something needed to close or schedule a message. It could be anything from your waiting on a call back from the patient to needing a prior authorization.

Pending means the receiving office is working on something that needs to be completed before a message can be scheduled or closed.

Notify Sending

When you publish a message, to the sending organization, the status is updated to Notify Sending. Think of this as a replacement to a phone call. You might inform the sending office that the patient declined the referral or that you need updated demographics. Messages in a Notify Sending 
status contain questions or comments from the receiving organization that require a response or need further attention

Notify Receiving

Messages in a Notify Receiving

status contain responses or comments from the sending organization that needs further attention.

When replying to a message, the status is updated to Notify Receiving. Think of this as a replacement to a phone call.




A message is Scheduled when an appointment date and time is entered for a referral. A message is Scheduled when an appointment date and time is entered for a referral. 


A message is Closed, when nothing further needs to be done. The documents were imported into a EHR, reviewed, ect.

A message is Closed when the other office has processed the message you sent. 
Fax Ready  n/a HIE received the documents and we're starting the fax. Messages may stay in this status for up to 5 mins. 
Fax Initiated


HIE has made contact with the other fax machine and is send your documents. Time messages stay in this status depends on the # of pages sent.


All pages were faxed successfully. 
Fax Failed


After 3 tries, all pages of the fax were not delivered.
Fax Failed - Busy or No Answer


After 3 tries, the fax failed to be sent because the other line was busy or didn't answer.