Below are short guides for common task in hPrint and the web portal. These are helpful to have on hand when first using our HIE tools. Simply click on the name of the document you'd like to download. Each document is in a PDF format. Please ensure your computer or web browser allows viewing of PDF documents.

HIE Tip: If there's a guide you'd like us to create, please email with details.

General Overview

General Info on hPrint

An overview of what this software is and how it's useful.

hPrint Quick Step Guide

An overview of the features associated with hPrint. hPrint is used to capture documents electronically and either eFax or electronically send them.

Web Portal Overview

An overview of the features associated with the secure web portal. HIE's secure web portal is used to manage send and received documents. Think of it as your virtual fax machine and file cabinet in the cloud.

Using hPrint

How to Send Color Images

hPrint is set to capture and send documents in black and white by default. For practices that will need to send color images to another connected facility (think ultrasound or similar images), follow the steps in the guide. 

How To Send a Message Electronically (versus by eFax)

You'll notice in the "Receiving Organization:" drop down menu there's some organizations with fax #'s next to their name and others without a fax #. This guide explains the difference in these types of recipients.

How to Separate Pages from a Faxed Document (inbound fax customers only)

Sometimes organizations need to separate documents currently displaying in the web portal as a single PDF. This may be because multiple patients were included in a single fax or because only certain pages need to be seen by a provider. For whatever reason you might have, this guide will help with separating certain pages of a document into a separate message. PLEASE NOTE: This guide is only for customers who use our inbound faxing service. For other customers, please refer to the general guide with the same name.

How to Update hPrint

We are constantly adding new features and pushing updates for our hPrint software. Follow the steps in this guide to ensure you have the most up-to-date version. PLEASE NOTE: Most hospitals and private practices have complex networks and computer settings. Please consult with your IT staff if you don't regularly install software on your work PC.

Using the Web Portal

Adding "Tags" to a Message

Think of "tags" as quick way to identify something specific about a message and its attachments. This could mean adding a providers name, what type of document is in the message "RX Refill", or anything that you can dream up. This guide will walk you through the process of adding a tag to a message.

How to Adjust Notification Settings

HIE offers desktop and email notifications about messages in your work queue. This guide walks you through how to adjust what notifications are received via the desktop and by email.

How to eSign a Document in the HIE Web Portal

Some documents, such as home health orders, must be signed by the provider. This guide walks you through digitally signing a document in the web portal.

Moving Messages Between Work Queues

For large organizations, it's often necessary to move messages between departments. This guide walks you through how to transfer messages from one work queue to another.

Searching by Patient's Name (in a work queue)

To easily find a message related to a specific patient, we included a search tool. Searching by a patient's name will easily allow you to filter through all messages, in the work queue, to find the specific one you're looking for.