Define "Porting": A name available in the "Assignment" dropdown, within a message. Used to tag a specific person to a message or let other employees know that you are working on that specific message.

Assignments are helpful when you want a specific person in a particular work queue to view a message. While the work queue is everyone in a department (or organization), assignments are the staff members in that area. If a fax comes in and says Attn: Jan on the cover page, Jan could: A) Assign herself to that message, letting other staff know it's for her or B) Another staff member could assign her to that message and she could then filter the work queue to just messages assigned to her.



Q: Is there a fee to port my # to HIE?

A: Actually, there is no fee for porting numbers to new services.  Government regulations require that phone companies allow it, as they consider it anti-competitive for Telcos to keep you from doing so. HIE Networks might charge a one time nominal fee based on the complexity of the forward request.

Q: Will still get a bill from my current Telco company (Comcast, Brighthouse, CenturyLink ect.)?

A: No, once your # is ported to HIE Networks we take owner ship of your fax #. This means you no longer have to pay a bill to your current fax line provider. Any fees or monthly charges will be included in your monthly HIE Networks statement going forward.

Q: Can a # port be reversed?

A: Yes, you can always go back to your previous fax line provider. They would simply need to submit a request to HIE Networks to have the # ported back to them.

Q: What will change related to my fax service?

A: Very little will change related to the way you receive faxes. The exception being, faxes will come into HIE Network's web portal going forward. You will also be utilizing HIE Network's robust faxing infrastructure as well. This means that your office will have enterprise level fax capabilities. Including multiple ports and lines available to accept faxes (based on volume) to prevent busy signals or failed faxes. 

HIE TIP: When porting a # to HIE Networks it's important to remember that you will no longer receive paper faxes. Porting your # also prevents you from sending out documents from a physical machine.

Q: How long does it take to port a #?

A: This depends on your carrier. Usually 2 weeks is a good estimate. Until the porting process is actually completed nothing will change related to the way you receive faxes