Good to Know:

- if ARNP's are seeing patients, don't forget to add them

Associating providers to work queues is a very important step. If you have two locations, you'll want to ensure the proper providers are associated with each location/work queue. Simply provide HIE Support staff with the names of the providers that should be associated with each work queue/location. Facilities sending messages to your organization, via the HIE portal, will be able to see these provider names and which organization they're associated with. Staff at the receiving facility will be able to schedule referrals and select the provider the patient will be seeing.


ABC Practice - NE Location (Tampa)

  • John Smith, MD
  • Jane Smith, MD

ABC Practice - West Location (Tampa)

  • Carl Smith, DO
  • Joe Smith, ARNP

Sending Offices See:

Receiving Offices See (when scheduling a referral):