Define "Assignee": A name available in the "Assignment" dropdown, within a message. Used to tag a specific person to a message or let other employees know that you are working on that specific message.

Assignments are helpful when you want a specific person in a particular work queue to view a message. While the work queue is everyone in a department (or organization), assignments are the staff members in that area. If a fax comes in and says Attn: Jan on the cover page, Jan could: A) Assign herself to that message, letting other staff know it's for her or B) Another staff member could assign her to that message and she could then filter the work queue to just messages assigned to her.

Evaluate which employees work in which departments

HIE Tip: The best way to utilize Assignments is to only have staff listed in a single work queue. Assignee names in the Medical Records queue should be different than the assignee names in the Appointments queue.